Reporting & Analytics

Prager has developed, a proprietary, secure, web-based capital planning, debt portfolio modeling and derivative monitoring service. Over the years, this portal has been expanded to include peer financial ratio analysis, cash management and forecasting, capital project and central bank management, market rates, pro forma financial modeling and much more. The Firm's underwriting and financial advisory clients are provided with unlimited user accounts and access to this portal and its various applications. Behind the scenes an SAP/BusinessObjects server provides users with the ability to schedule recurring, automated reports for email delivery in a variety of output formats, including Excel, Word, and PDF.

The proprietary reporting framework and capital planning features of CapitalPlan can serve as an extranet for managing capital projects. For decentralized institutions such as large university systems, the ability to initiate and update projects across the enterprise ensures that everyone has access to the most recent data. This tool can be integrated as well with scenario testing and "what if" analysis. It allows clients to measure the effects of projects, funding sources, and project timing on the balance sheet and witness the impact on key financial ratios.

At its core, the site provides in-depth information and analysis on an institution's debt and derivative portfolio. Every client of the Firm has its own confidential and customized CapitalPlan module. While CapitalPlan was built primarily to serve the needs of our higher education clients, it has value to those in other sectors as well. The service isn't offered on a stand-alone basis, but instead is tightly coupled with both our Underwriting and Financial Advisory practices.