Introduction to Capital Market Operations

Prager operates a full-service municipal sales and trading desk in New York. The Firm's salespeople and traders actively trade long-term high grade bonds, taxable municipals, variable rate demand bonds and commercial paper, high yield bonds, and other fixed income securities. As a market-maker and provider of primary and secondary market liquidity to our customers, Prager employs a client- and credit-focused approach to the markets. We believe that this approach ultimately translates into the best execution for our clients.

The Firm has long-standing relationships with a large portfolio of institutional investor accounts representing the nation's most active bond funds, trust departments, corporate buyers, and insurance companies.

Prager is a leader in leveraging trading technology, advising its institutional customers and listing their securities on a number of electronic platforms. The Firm is involved in every major Electronic Communication Network (ECN) that supports the trading and reoffering of municipal bonds. This includes MuniCenter, an automated, electronic trading platform. As a web-based wholesaler, MuniCenter has effectively created an alternative distribution channel to reach the investor sector that relies on automated trading platforms.

By working with our partners, the Firm is able to combine the knowledge, experience and expertise of a long-standing municipal-only investment bank with the reach and distribution resources of larger retail-focused banks.